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I Am New To Blogging and My Cat Is An Alcoholic

      What the hell do I know about blogging?! Nothing. Nada. Numero 0. This is a first for me…….le sigh and oy!!! Dear lord (or Lucifer),  I am breaking my blogger cherry! Taking the dip to see if anyone will really read the crap that I will spew on this site, and if they even give a shite. I am starting this blog for myself basically. As an outlet for all the mass information and other gobs of poo that are playing paddy cake at a unbelievably rampant pace through my cerebellum, and doing River Dance repeatedly, and with great Irish muster, on other areas of my brainpan.

     I NEED to write. I have always loved to do it. Writing is something I cling to as a way to relieve stress and depression. Plus, I just love to make shit up in my head….Tee hee…I have always had an overactive imagination. And I might as well put it to good use here. Fiction and Fantasy seem appropriate right now, considering the current political climate(It sucks dolphin balls)And my muse is my 13-year-old Siamese, Frisco. He’s an alcoholic. Me and his pappy have managed to talk him down to one to two bottles of beer a week and boy, he is not happy about that. But still, he is my little fur face, and unless he wants to go to Cat AA, he has to lay off.

    Finally, I hope I gain new friends here and I hope I find other interesting blogs to read. I am particularly fond of crime and mystery fiction, good music, poetry, and instigating shenanigans wherever I go.  So where will this blog take me? Hmmmmmmm……



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Apocalypse Blues



The sky rains blood

The Mississippi runs dry

Memphis is a dead town

Not one squeak, peep, or cry


The sky rains red

Zombies stagger down Beale

Humans lay gutted in the street

On their skins, the unholy start to peel


The sky is crying

The wind is weeping

Greasy entrails are flying

As the corpses start eating


There is nothing like an apocalypse

To silence the music on Beale

Because it is sort of hard to sing the blues

When you are a zombie’s tender meal.





By A Snyder

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My Soul



My soul is hungry

It needs to be fed

Deprived of love, understanding

Compassion, stimulation

It strives to thrive

In a cruel world

Where people don’t care

About anyone anymore

It is a brutal place and

I am slowly sinking into the

Black hole of despair,

Riding the wave of “I just don’t care.”

My soul is so hungry

It needs nourishment

But I fear it will starve

Like all of the other


Depleted, and


Souls in the universe.

By A. Snyder


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Visiting Blues

The blues are visiting me again

                       I don’t know how to ask them to leave

They are the old friends that arrive

                           At your door that you are

Obligated to let it

But then, they just won’t leave

            They just won’t go away

Hanging on and hanging on,

                           Persistently lingering

Until you are so tired and mad

                                   That you want to scream and pull

  Your hair out

I NEED to kick these blues to the curb

                        Tell them never to come back and torture me

I am too tired, too young

   To deal with them

I need to tell them to go bother

                                                Someone else


                                         I don’t have the time or the energy

  To deal with all the grief and the

                   Low-down bad feelings they give me

I must…..I MUST

                                Put my feet to the floor

Look the blues in the face

                       And demand,

          Ever so firmly,

That they go away

                                        Not tomorrow

                                         Or the next day

                                         Or three weeks from now

                                    But TODAY

These old-obnoxious-visitin, lyin-cheatin, blues

                                                          MUST LEAVE TODAY!!!



A. Snyder




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We are all ugly.

All of us.

On the inside we have festering


bursting open, splaying forth all the

bitterness, hate, and resentments of our past

and present.

We are all ugly.

We are ugly people,

with ugly lives,

fighting to survive in ugly times.

Our ugly behaviors are killing each other

and Mother Earth, desecrating her

beauty, her natural, life-sustaining charms.

Ugly people committing ugly deeds,

having ugly children

to pollute, to over populate,

to stain, to strain, the Earth.

And in the end all that will

be left is nothing.

Nothing but




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BEER SPOTLIGHT # 2: McEwan’s Scotch Ale.


Aye, ya better run for the Highlands with this delectable brew! Once again, I am giving my thoughts on a Scottish beer. Funny, my first two reviews on beer have been from Scotland, ( I must be on a Kilt kick! ) but McEwan’s and Crabbie’s couldn’t be more different. Gone is the ginger and orange taste that Crabbie’s offered, with it’s lighter finish. Here with McEwan’s, the beer is a bit heavier, with chocolatey/caramel sweet notes. It has a great after taste. I was playing the bagpipes by the time I had finished it. HA HA! IT IS THAT FECKIN GOOD. It pairs well with other Scottish items too, such as the Scottish mystery  book that I am reading right now, “Cold Granite” by Stuart McBride, or any Ian Rankin novel. I was sippin away watching Shetland on Netflix and had to wonder if it is the Scottish folks go to beer when socializing.

All in all, McEwan’s gets 5 Kilts outta 5 Kilts from me.

Highly recommended

XOXO, Alehouse


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Lip Smackin Good: CRABBIE’s Orange



     Oh, do I love a good beer! After all, my moniker isn’t ‘Alehouse’ for nuttin! Folks who love ginger, orange flavor, and BEER!…….. will go gaga over this UK import. It’s light and spicey with generous hints of orange and ginger. It tickles one’s taste buds while quenching a real beer thirst. When I first had a sip I had a super duper mega-mouthgasm and it has been love at first drink ever since!!! WOO-HOOOOO!!!!

I recommend this to any and all who like something different and fun. And we know how much fun beer can be when we have had more than three….Hee hee. With Crabbie’s Orange I almost wanna throw on a kilt and play some bagpipes. Or better yet, molest a sexy Scottish dude. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!


Reviewed with love,

Alehouse Aggie




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Plain Jane

I was born a plain jane

A plain jane  I’ll always be

A plain jane, baby

Oh, what do you see in me?

You’re a fine lookin’ daddy,

A sweet humored laddie

Half-Spanish and half-Paddy.

Oh, what do you see in me?

You could have any dame that you want

You could have any damn lass you please

But your true love is for this old plain jane

Yeah, you fall upon your knees

And give me what I need.

Oh, I was born a plain jane

A plain jane I’ll always be

But my little sexy sugar boy

Gives me hot kisses wild and free.

“I love my old plain jane,” he croons

” I love you baby, bad. You make me strong. You make me laugh.

You’re the best I’ve ever had. “

Now there is no reason to lie

And no reason to explain

My little daddy just don’t like glamour pusses

Instead he loves this old plain jane.

A. Snyder-Cousino